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Barndominium FAQ

About Custom & Stock (Premade) Barndominium & Barn Home Plans

What is a barndominium?

A barndominium (or "barndo") is a hybrid between a barn and a condominium or homeA barndominium may be an existing barn that was converted into living quarters, or a new structure built with the purpose of providing housing.

Why build a barndominium?

Modern barn construction methods and materials allow barndominiums to be low-cost, energy-efficient, and quick-to-build. Compared to conventional houses, barndos are often much less expensive per square foot.

What is living in a barndo like?

We specialize in plans for newly built barndominiums and barn houses. Residents of barndos built with our plans tell us they love the open floor plans and high ceilings.


They also love being able to get everything they want out of a house at a much lower price.

While "barn" may conjure up images of dirt floors and drafty stalls, barndominiums can be every bit as "homey" or luxury as you want. A barndo can be designed with fireplaces, hot tubs/jacuzzis, home theaters, marble countertops--whatever you can dream up.

When designing a custom barndo plan, we can include wraparound and/or screened-in porches, multi car garages, storage sheds, workshops, greenhouses, horse stalls, or anything else.

Barndominium Barn Home

Why are people choosing barndos?

Barndominiums first caught on in Texas around 2016 before spreading across the midwest. 


Many farmers and people living on rural land enjoy how barndominiums and barn homes provide both the utility of a barn and the charm and comfort of a country cabin (and at a lower cost to build and maintain than conventional housing).

Ready to start your barndominium?

We invite you to shop for one of our pre-designed barndo plans or contact us about designing your custom barndo plan.

FLOW is a design company that does Barndominium plans, modern, high rise aptartments and custom home plans.
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