Kit Specials

30x40x10 Kit with stocked plans $24,690.00

30x40x12 Kit with stocked plans $24,933.00

24x30x10 Kit with stocked plans $19,999.00

20x24x10 Kit with stock plans $18,199.00

​20x24x12 Kit with stocked plans $18,499.00 

30x52x10 Kit with stocked plans $28,680.00

30x52x12 Kit with stocked plans $29,963.00


*All kits come with plans, if custom plan are needed there will be a additional cost.

Kits come with all the metal to erect the building, windows and doors are not included, but can be purchased by your local material store.

We have fast shipping that takes 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Delivery charges depend on area being shipped too.



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bolt together barndominium Kit built by NPBC

Code: 2012 and 2015 Int'l Building.

Wind: 115 MPH wind, EXP C.

Snow: 25.2 lb Roof, 30.0 lb Ground.

Load: 20.0 PSF Live Load.

Load: 1.0 PSF Collateral Load.

Occupancy: Category II -Normal.

Important Factor: 1.0 Wind, 1.0 Snow and 1.0 Seismic.

Deflection: Standard.

Seismic Zone: D